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Master in Autonomous Driving and enaBling Technologies

Be protagonist of the revolution that will reshape the automotive industry. Learn and practice the most advanced technologies with internationally recognized academics and top-industry experts and become a master in autonomous driving.

ADBoT aims at giving participants the knowledge of the enabling technologies and tools for the design and development of intelligent systems for connected and autonomous vehicles. Entirely taught in English, the Master is based on a multidisciplinary approach ranging from mechanics, computer science, electronics, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Why you should enroll?

The course objectives, the learning outcomes and the contents are defined by accurately coordinating the state-of-the-art research contributions of Universities (UniTN, UniMORE) and Research Centers (FBK, CRF) with the knowledge and experience of the industrial partners, including an internship proposed as a real-world training case of study for the participants that also gives the opportunity to be considered for open roles at partner companies.

With the partnership of


Sponsored by

Many industrial partners support the master objectives and provide internship projects


How it is built


Lectures on relevant knowledge and tools for the design and development of intelligent and connected vehicles including autonomous driving.

Hands-on activities

Tutorial lectures and hands-on activities on real data to practise what has been taught during lectures.

Seminar with experts

A series of seminars with experts, roughly one every two weeks, on specific topics related to enabling technologies for autonomous driving.

Internship project

Each student will choose one project for his internship among a list of proposed topics suggested by the partner industries to apply to put into practise the acquired knowledge.

What you will learn

Worried about not having the right scientific/engineering background?

We have created an introduction course to help prepare you for the main topics of the master course and fill the gaps in your background knowledge. 

According to your needs you can get the basics of physics and mechanics, electronics, statistics, linear algebra, C++ programming an pyton.


System architecture and Integration

Learn about vehicle system network (including CAN, AUTOSAR), architecture and software, functional safety, realtime OS for autonomous driving and GPU programming also with hands-on activities.


Robotics and human robot interaction

Learn about various cognitive architectures that can be used for autonomous driving from traditional paradigms to more recent ones in the robotics field. The main aspects related to modern HRI technologies will be also covered, addressing topics such robot learning, emotion recognition, gesture and facial recognition, dialogue systems, robot trust and ethics.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning

You will be taught and practise about learning techniques based on deep neural networks, main layers and architectures of reference for the analysis of numerical data, images and temporal data both in supervised and unsupervised. Sensor fusion, lane, object recognition and segementation will be part iof the content. 


Automation: sensors, actuators, planning and control

Learn about operation, control and use of the different types of electric motor drives  and sensors used in automotive applications for assisted and autonomous driving. You then learn how to localise in the world, plan and control an autonomous car. 


Connectivity and Security

Learn about Vehicle connectivity technologies (V2X) for safety and cooperative driving. You will also be introduced to the main cybersecurity concepts in connectivity and automatic/autonomous driving,  the meachnisms of attacks to modern vehcile security and how to detect, prevent, and react to them.


Simulation and validation

Learn about modern simulation tools for design and development of ADAS and autonomous vehicles along with basics knowledge of vehicle dynamics and most used models used to simulate and design and control systems.
Tutorials and hands-on activities will help you get the sensitivity to model characteristics and limitations.

Master is ready to start

Kick off 20th of May 2019


University of Trento grants 10 scholarships which add up to 2 scholarships  sponsored by CNH Industrial.

Where and when

The Master course is organised into two phases: 4 months teaching in Trento and an internship of 7 months in the location of one of the industrial partners. 
Mainly, Trento, Torino and Modena area. 

Our administrative team is working to book a number of rooms of the University Guild for non-resident students.


4 months teaching

From May 2019 to October 2019.


7 months internship

From October 2019 to April 2020



Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Trento
Via Sommarive 9, Trento,

Website for application

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